The Venice Time Machine

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Imagine a facebook of the past or a Google map which lets you see how a city looked in centuries gone by.  That is what the Venice Time Machine project is all about.

Credits : Isabella di Lenardo (EPFL), Giovanni Colavizza (EPFL), Bread and Butter SA.

The Venice Time Machine, an international scientific programme launched by the EPFL and Ca' Foscari University in Venice aims to build a multidimensional model of Venice and its evolution over a period of more than 1000 years. The project will construct a large open access database for research and education. Thanks to a partnership with the Archivio di Stato in Venice, kilometres of archives will be digitised, transcribed and indexed forming the basis of the largest database ever created of Venetian documents. In addition to these primary sources, the content of thousands of monographies will be indexed and made searchable. The information extracted from these sources will be organised in a semantic graph of linked data, and will unfold in space and time in an historical geographical information system.

For more information watch the TED talk below.

This is the Blog from the Digital Humanities School at Ca' Foscari which is working on the Venice Time Machine project.

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