Vaporetto and Bus Strike in Venice on Friday

On Friday 15th May 2015 there will be a 24-hour strike affecting ACTV water buses, land buses and ticket sales services.

During the strike, ACTV land buses will run in these times bands: 6.00-8.59 am; 4.30-7.29 pm. The essential ACTV water services will run (see the ACTV site for details). The People Mover Railway Shuttle services will run as normal.

The opening of the ticket offices will not be guaranteed for the whole day.

Customers will be able to buy their tickets from authorised sellers (tobaconists for example), on board the transport or at the automatic ticket machines at the following Vaporetto stops: Lido SME, P. Sabbioni, Burano, Danieli, Vallaresso, Rialto, Ferrovia Scalzi, Piazzale Roma Santa Chiara, Piazzale Roma Garage ASM, Tronchetto linea 2, Stazione Ferroviaria Mestre, Aeroporto, S. Zaccaria Pietà, San Zaccaria Danieli, San Zaccaria Jolanda, San Marco Giardinetti, San Marco Vallaresso, Chioggia Vigo,  S. Marcuola, Zattere, Arsenale, Ca d'Oro e S. Tomà. 

For more information see the display at the waterbus stops,, or call the Hellovenezia call center (+ 39) 041 2424

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